Purchase of vehicles

The purchase of vehicles need not always be a part of the services of used car dealers. But at AUTO-VYHYBKA we also provide you with quality services also focussing on the purchase of vehicles. We buy up vehicles not only of all makes and models, but also of different ages. Come and have a look, and you will find out your car's value and how much you will get for it.

Have you decided to sell your passenger car or van, but you don't want to deal with looking for a buyer and dealing with all the necessary formalities? At the used car dealer AUTO-VYHYBKA you have come to the right place! After an inspection of the vehicle, making out of the contract and positive completion of a legal search, nothing stands in the way of the purchase of your vehicle. We will pay you the highest possible price and deal with all the paperwork. In addition, we will take over the liability for the guarantee to the future owner.

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