Accident insurance

Unfortunately there are still plenty of stolen and damaged cars in the Czech Republic. And so their owners can conclude accident insurance protecting their vehicle from destruction, damage, theft or unauthorised use. The conclusion of accident insurance is voluntary. Accident insurance can be concluded for vehicles in all categories, i.e., passenger cars and lorries, motorcycles, buses, semi-trailers, quad bikes or other two or more wheeled vehicles.

Statutory third-party liability insurance

Statutory third-party liability insurance (or motor third-party liability insurance), its principle is summed up by its popular name: statutory, which means that every owner or co-owner of a registered motor vehicle in the Czech Republic must conclude it, and liability means that the insurance policy indemnifies others for loss which we cause them on the road. If the owner does not conclude statutory third-liability insurance, he can get a fine of up to several tens of thousands of crowns.  And if you also happen to run into unpleasant police officers, in addition to the fine he can get a driving ban of up to one year.

The insurance company will pay for harm to health (including death) and property (either to a vehicle or anything else) and other damages specified in the law (for example, profit which the injured party lost as a result of the accident). The insurance company will always pay out damages to the injured party, but if you drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs for instance, or the vehicle was not roadworthy, you had a driving ban or you caused the damage intentionally, the insurance company will claim the paid out amount from you (and will undoubtedly win the case).

By buying a car from us you can get a discount of up to 60%! On accident insurance or statutory third-party liability insurance.

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