Valuation of vehicle

We fix the price of used cars according to many criteria. And so each vehicle has to be evaluated individually. When buying vehicles we focus primarily on the number of kilometres driven, the age of the vehicle and the equipment. But the demand for a given model and the current price on the market in the Czech Republic and neighbouring states also has an impact on the price of the vehicle.

The first step is a document check. This focuses on checking the data in the log book. We must primarily discover whether the car has been crashed, and whether you are its true owner.  If you are not the owner, you can also sell the vehicle. But you will need a notarised power of attorney from the owner recorded in the large log book.

Then the handling will be checked by a test drive lasting approximately 10 minutes.  There will be a check not only on handling, but also of the functionalities of all the car’s systems. One part of this is also a check on the accessories include in the equipment of the sold car. 

In order to speed up the buying process, the check on the legality of the vehicle’s origin and number of kilometres driven will be performed while you are on the test drive. We will check whether you vehicle has undergone technical inspections, whether the number of kilometres drive corresponds to reality, and whether the vehicle is not the subject of a loan or leasing. If the vehicle is not the subject of judicial enforcement and, last but not least, whether the VIN code agrees with the data in the log book. We also use the database of stolen vehicles to check the origin of a vehicle.

A servicing inspection follows immediately after the return from the test drive. There is a thorough check on possible faults or wear. There is also a check on which repairs and servicing will be needed for it to become saleable in our used car dealership AUTO-VYHYBKA. One part of the servicing inspection will be a check using modern diagnostic equipment in order discover any faults, non-functionalities and risks which are not evident at first sight.

The price offer is based on all the performed checks and tests. This information is then augmented by the fundamental data about your vehicle, such as age, kilometres on the clock, equipment, colour etc. The price may also be influenced by external factors such as fault rate of the type of vehicle, number and price of similar vehicles and, primarily, the interest of customers in this model. But in spite of this we always try to offer you a fair price.

Then an agreement on the proposed vehicle price will be submitted to you. We agree on the prices we propose with the vast majority of our clients.

The money can be paid in cash or by credit transfer. We draw up a purchase contract for the purchase of the car in which you have all the particulars summarised. We will deal with all the other formalities and administrative matters for you.

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