Commission sale

Do you want to sell your used car, designate a sales price for it and then not have to take care of anything? In the case of commission sale we arrange everything for you. We will display your car in our AUTO-VYHYBKA used car dealership, and you will get the money after the sale of the vehicle.

AUTO-VYHYBKA used car dealership automatically checks the origin of the vehicle. We do not sell cars with an unclear origin.  While performing checks we work with the firms CEBIA and CARDETECT. We prepare the cars for sale completely free of charge.

We conclude a contract for commission sale in our AUTO-VYHYBKA used car dealership for an open-ended period, but at least for one month. We pay out the money after the sale immediately after transfer or registration to a new owner. Our used car dealership’s commission is contractual and based on the price of the vehicle.

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